• Bob Steck, Past Chair, La Jolla planning group

  • Tony Crisafi, Past Chair, La Jolla planning group

  • Steve Haskins, Past President, La Jolla Town Council

  • Janie Emerson, Chair, La Jolla Shores Association

  • John Newsam, President, Bird Rock Community Council

  • Joe Parker, Past President, Bird Rock Community Council

  • Brian Curry, Past Chair, Pacific Beach planning group

  • Cathie  Jolley, Past President, Pacific Beach Town Council

  • Pam Slater-Price, Former Supervisor, County of San Diego


  • Keith Kelman, Nathan Gallery

  • Elke & Chuck Patton  Bird Rock Coffee Roasters

  • Jennifer Tandy, Nightingale Music

  • Nancy  Warwick, Warwick's


  • Dave Abrams

  • Charlonna Beach

  • Helen Boyden

  • Thomas Coat

  • Dan Courtney

  • Dorie DeFranco

  • Jamie Ginsberg

  • Cathy & Elliott Kanter

  • Nancy & Joseph Manno

  • Melinda Merryweather

  • Phyllis Minnick

  • Betsy Mitchell

  • Patti Nussbaum

  • Fred Randal

  • Allie Simon

  • Andrew Wiese

  • Teri Youngs

    *Partial listing. Titles are for identification only and do not imply endorsement by their respective organizations.